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Start A Rosary Business

test-mybiz.gifThe following are a few suggestions to assist our customers who might like to start a small business making and repairing rosaries.

  1. Place a small ad in your church bulletin:

    Rosaries repaired
    Rosaries for special occasion gifts
    First Communion, Confirmation, Weddings, Anniversaries
    Call Your Name at Your Number
  2. Have a business card made up (same wording as above) and pass them out to people you know at your church to get the word out that you are available to make and repair rosaries.
  3. Speak to your pastor. He might make an announcement during mass about your rosary making. Something like, "ladies and gentlemen, this morning I would like to announce that Your Name is available in our parish to repair or make rosaries for special occasions. If your rosary needs work, please call Your Name at Your Number.
  4. Contact the First Communion Advisor and the Confirmation Advisor at your local Catholic elementary school and tell them you can make rosaries for their students.
  5. Be sure your church knows to let all people who are being married at your church that you can make rosaries for the bride and groom. Give them a supply of your business cards to hand out when the bride and groom register at the church.
  6. Advertise that you can have the names and dates engraved on the crucifix to make the gift even more meaningful. We charge you 40 cents per letter; you could charge 80 cents.

    Recommended pricing is usually double what the rosary parts cost you. If the total of the parts cost $25.00, you should charge $50.00 for the completed rosary. We have all ranges of prices from base metal rosaries that you could make for $4 to $5 up to sterling rosaries with Austrian Crystal beads that could go up to $50 to $60.


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